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Xtreme hits retail by Aug. 28 sporting a longer cut tobacco than anything Memphis-based Conwood makes. carbonell However, the wintergreen-flavored brand''s main point of difference won''t be touted on pack or in print ads because can and display graphics--featuring a big X stamped into cigar a steel like carbonell background--were cigar so well received by retailers, the intro will carbonell be an easy sell through, said Buddy Boswell, vp-account services for Archer/Malmo Advertising, Memphis.Instead, Conwood will cigar let young adults find the long-cut attribute on their own.Print ads hitting the likes of Four Wheeler, carbonell Hunter, ESPN, Maxim and Stuff run mid-August cigar through October, backed by a respectable $1-3 million carbonell spend. Creative offers a product closeup with the tag, "Forget Routine." The message: consumers don''t have to follow the pack in a category where brand usage is often cigar determined by what other people buy. A two-for-one pricing offer and perhaps a sweepstakes prize giveaway via toll-free number will also support.

What can I do to get ready to quit using smokeless tobacco?Set a date to quit and stick to it. Choose a date one to two weeks from today. Quitting can be hard, so develop a plan that works for you. Think carbonell ahead about times when you will want to chew cigar or dip, and plan what you will do instead. Prepare yourself for quitting by recognizing the times when you will want smokeless tobacco the most. Plan to avoid those situations or to have tobacco substitutes with you (such as sunflower seeds or chewing gum). Get rid of all your chewing tobacco or snuff before your quit date. Start cutting down now on the amount you chew or dip.Get support from your family, friends and doctor. Even better, have a friend or family member who uses smokeless tobacco stop chewing or dipping at the same time that you do. Studies have shown that quitting is more successful with the support of family and friends. Your doctor may also be able to recommend a support program that might help you quit.

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